At least 27 cities in the U.S., Europe, and Canada have already organized events for July 19, the International Day of Action Against Homophobic Persecution in Iran. The original call to action for July 19 was initiated jointly by the militant British gay rights group OutRage and the Paris-based International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) for world-wide demonstrations on July 19, the first anniversary of the public hanging in Iran of two gay teens, Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni. Photos of the execution of the two boys, who were hanged in the public square of the city of Mashad last year (photo below), created international outrage when they were widely circulated on the Internet, and focused the world’s attention on Iran’s ongoing, lethal reign of terror targeting Iranian gays.
Protests have already been scheduled for the anniversary of the teens’ execution in a number of large European cities, including London, Moscow, Frankfurt, Milan, Marseille, Amsterdam, Vienna, Dublin, Stockholm, and Brussels.
Local gay groups and ad hoc committees have already scheduled U.S. events in San Francisco, San Diego, , Washington, D.C., Seattle, Fort Lauderdale, Salt Lake City, Sioux Falls (So. Dakota), Tulsa (Oklahoma), Chicago, and Provincetown for July 19. And there will be commemorative meetings in Toronto and Vancouver in Canada.
As to the age of the two gay victims, “At first it was claimed by Iranian officials that they were aged 18 and 19, then that they were 19 and 21, then aged 18 and 20, and finally they made the claim that they were both above 18 at the time of their alleged crimes. However,” the OutRage report says, “ the best evidence is that both youths were aged 17 when they were executed and therefore minors, aged 15 or 16, at the time of their alleged crimes. This execution of minors is in flagrant breach of international agreements the Tehran regime has signed.” (below, Mahmoud and Ayaz on the scaffold last year)

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  1. I’ve read about this story at planet romeo. The site also had some sort of a a campaign on gay rights and issues. I was kinda hopeful at first when i came across their advocacy but doubts came when i found out something about the site.

  2. I am in a dilemna… I empathize the condemnation of these public executions from the LGBT community but we should also recognize that Iran is an Islamic state. I saw a documentary in BBC regarding the plight of gays in Iran and they all seem to be in hiding. They fear their lives because of the persecutions not only from the state, but also from their communities and families. But on our end, we cannot just judge Iran, as “anti-gay”, it is what they are… it is what they believe… that gays are evil, immoral, children of Satan or whatever… I am not apathetic, but I guess what WE can do is to push for a change in government in Iran, there is a separation of state and religion… that’s my piece.. thanks.

    1. Who is satanic? Those young innocent gays that were publicly humiliated and murdered or those Religious leaders who ordered to execute teenager gays who have a bright future ahead?
      Religion is not a Law; it is a belief, a faith. If law was made to protect the common good of the people, is it that religion was imposed to us to tell us whether we deserve to die or do not deserve to live. God gave us a free will. For me this thing practiced by Iran is their rotten culture, followed by their rotten mind. This country deserves rotten tomatoes for doing this rotten act to their own innocent children.

  3. Wow, People would kill there kids just because there gay? Now you can tell that humanity isnt moving on in the middle east if they are doing that.. and there supposed to be the holiest of the holys? wow im an athesit and i dont bash on christians for being what they are so why dont they just leave people alone who are gay.. That is stupid beyond even saying.. This is why people will never move on and accept people for who they are.

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