LGBT Signs and Symbols

Rainbow FlagVks%20creation%20of%20LGBT%20logoLGBT_symbol



Published by taatamata

Relationship Status: Single and willing to mingle Birthday: November 6, 1975 Hometown: Muntinlupa Country: Cebu, Philippines About Me: I am a bachelor Project/Media Relations Officer of a Non-Government Organization based here in Cebu, Philippines. I love to write poetry, short stories and plays. I am a theater actor, storyteller, and a stage director. I love adventure based activites and Chillaxing at Night. Favorite Music: Songs of Regina Spector, Alanis M., Mariah C., Whitney Houston, and Amy Winehouse Favorite TV Shows: Gossip Girls, Cashmere Mafia, Brothers and Sisters and Sex and the City. Favorite Movies: English Patient, The Reader, My Blueberry Pie, Closer, and all Jude Law movies.

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  1. cool!

    thanx for the info. now i feel better writing on your blog knowing who you are. – even tho i really have no idea who you really are- but still. thanx. i am looking forward for more post in this blog. and i’m following.

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