Ang Ladlad’s statement

below is the statement sent just a few minutes ago from Ang Ladlad:

We are very unhappy with COMELEC’s decision to deny accreditation to Ang Ladlad. We feel that COMELEC did not perform its responsibility to promulgate electoral policy because its decision was based not on legal documents, but entirely on religious texts (i.e. the Bible and the Koran).

The COMELEC Commissioners inevitably allowed their religious biases affect their decision. The decision was signed by Nicodemo Ferrer, a minister of the church in Pangasinan; Lucenito Tagle, Director of the Christian Family Movement; and Commissioner Youssuf of Marawi City, who is an Islamic leader as well.

The COMELEC decision was also poorly researched, with most (if not all) the texts lifted from internet sources.

Ang Ladlad, along with the entire LGBT community, does not promote a doctrine of immorality; COMELEC has no business calling Ang Ladlad immoral without legal basis. Also, calling Ang Ladlad a threat to the youth is unsubstatiated, thus, it cannot be supported in a legal document like the COMELEC decision.

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