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Gay Rights and Infighting Amongst the Ranks March 30, 2010

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Gay Rights and Infighting Amongst the Ranks

March 23, 2010 by James Hipps

Gay Rights and Infighting Amongst the Ranks

It looks as though Lt. Dan Choi, the guy who chained himself to the White House gates in protest of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, has been busy since his arrest…but not chaining himself to fences, but rather pointing fingers and making accusations against the HRC, ultimately doing damage to the Gay Rights Movement.

According to Pink News:

Lt Choi told the publication: “Within the gay community so many leaders want acceptance from polite society. I think there’s been a betrayal of what is down inside of us in order to achieve what looks popular, what look enviable.

“The movement seems to be centered around how to become an elite. There is a deep schism [in the gay-rights movement], everyone knows this.”

And According to Edge Boston the reason Choi is so upset, is twofold. One, HRC President Joe Solmonese didn’t accompany Choi to the White House and two, Kathy Griffin was HRC’s spokesperson about DADT and Choi believes a comedian is not an appropriate speaker for something that’s ‘not a joke”.

While I understand the need to not ‘joke’ about DADT, I also understand there are two sides to every coin and pointing fingers, placing blame, and infighting amongst those of us in the LGBT community is NOT a solution to the problem. If you have a difference of opinion, take it up with those you differ…don’t go on national TV and accuse those who have fought for equality over the decades of betrayal…the only betrayal was non-conformity to perhaps unrealistic expectations. This is the type of situation that takes away from everyone’s efforts. Helps no one and hurts everyone.

If Dan Choi wants to handcuff himself to the White House gate and get arrested…good on him for his powerful statement. However, he needs to realize a few things. Being the health care debate was in full force, perhaps this wasn’t the best of times. For another, whether or not Kathy Griffin is a comedian, she is also a well known LGBT rights advocate who is taken seriously when it comes to rights. Why would you intentionally want to ostracize a straight ally of the LGBT community? Our allies ARE our key to gaining support! Lastly, if you choose to take action, you can’t expect that simply because a group champions for LGBT rights, they’re going to put regularly scheduled programming on hold to accommodate those with their own agendas, which perhaps could be a bit narrower in scope. Betrayal and not conforming to one’s expectations are not the same…this type of infighting is only detrimental to the Gay Rights movement…just saying!


Latin singer Ricky Martin says he is gay

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Latin singer Ricky Martin says he is gay
Reuters – Tuesday, March 30
LOS ANGELES – Latin pop star Ricky Martin on Monday announced he was gay in a blog posting, ending years of speculation.
“I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man,” Martin wrote in a blog posting at http://www.rickymartinmusic.com.
“This is just what I need especially now that I am the father of two beautiful boys that are so full of light and who with their outlook teach me new things every day. To keep living as I did up until today would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids were born with,” Martin wrote.
Martin, 38, became a father to twin sons via a surrogate in 2008 and at the time no details were given about the birth or the mother.
The Puerto Rican singer of hits such as “Livin’ la Vida Loca,” has long been the subject of speculation about his sexuality. In 2000, TV journalist Barbara Walters grilled him about whether he was gay, but he refused to disclose it.
In his posting on Monday, Martin said a few months ago he had decided to write a memoir and doing so brought him closer to what he called “an amazing turning point in my life.”
“Writing this account of my life, I got very close to my truth. And this is something worth celebrating,” he wrote.
The singer began his career with boy band Menudo and broke out as a solo artist and teen idol in the 1990s in Spanish-speaking countries.
He released his first, English-language album in 1999, the self-titled “Ricky Martin,” which saw two major hits, “Livin’ la Vida Loca” and “She’s All I Ever Had.” Since then, Martin has been a star in both North America and South America.
Jarrett Barrios, the president of the U.S.-based Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation , welcomed what he called Martin’s “openness and honesty.”


Iboto # 89 sa balota March 24, 2010

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Kami ay kumakatok sa puso ng bawat Pilipinong naniniwala sa adhikain at ipinaglaban ng mga bakla, lesbiyana, bisekswal at transgender na magtulungan po tayo para sa ating tagumpay. Kailangan namin ang inyong suporta! Salamat! Iboto # 89 sa balota Ang Ladlad Partylist!


Resending The Open Letter to ALL Filipino LGBT Individuals, Organizations, and Aliies Regarding LGBT Killings

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Since the initiative of MCCQC, SGO-Phils, OUTPhils, GABAY, IFTAS and other concerned LGBT individuals and formations last September 2009 we only have accounted a few cases (past cases were researched from news archives): Documenting these cases would provide our legislators ammunition to pass the Anti-Discrimination Bill pending in congress as well as lobbying for an Anti-Hate Crime Bill.

We make this call to everyone again: If you have heard or known of a murder or homicide case or any incident of violence which the LGBT community is targeted please send us the following information at the MCCQC e-mail metropolitancommunitychurchqc@gmail.com or IFTAS mtlacsamana@gmail.com. If you are a member of any of the participating organizations mentioned in this letter, contact your community leaders:

1. Name of the Victim
2. Age of the Victim
3. Profession of the Victim
4. Date of Crime
5. Circumstances how they were killed and how they were found
6. Notes or other information on the police investigation. When available, kindly inform us too of contact persons whom we can keep in touch with so we can verify and probe deeper into the case at hand.

Confidentiality regarding information on the victims and the respondents will be ensured. We all need to act to end the killings.

The information received will be used for dialogues with the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Thank you very much! Peace and safety be with us all.

Rev. Ceejay Agbayani


Mr. Marlon Lacsamana

Posted below are some of the cases documented and gathered from newspaper-archives (all names here are from these archives and the others are coded unknown to keep confidentiality):

1998 QC – Larry Arciaga (Salon owner) – Unknown – unresolved
2004 QC – William Castro – (DZAM radio announcer) – Unknown – unresolved
2004 QC – Lorna Dating (Househelp) – Unknown – unresolved
2005 QC – Larry Estandarte (Researcher Rated K) – multiple stab wounds (robbery with homicide) – unresolved
2005 QC – Father Robert Tanghal (Priest) – multiple stab wounds (robbery with homicide) – unresolved
2005 QC – Joel Binsali (Beautician) – multiple stab wounds (robbery with homicide) – unresolved
2005 QC – Carl Roman Santos (Advertising Consultant) – multiple stab wounds (robbery with homicide) – unresolved
2005 QC – William Castro (Broadcaster) – multiple stab wounds (robbery with homicide) – unresolved
2005 QC – Eli Pormaran (Entertainment Writer) – multiple stab wounds – resolved?
2006 QC – Melchor Vergel de Dios (Fashion Designer) – multiple stab wounds (robbery with homicide) – unresolved
2006 QC – Joselito Siervo (EP Pinoy Dream Academy) – multiple stab wounds (robbery with homicide – unresolved
2006 QC – Francisco Uy (Businessman) – multiple stab wounds (robbery with homicide) – unresolved
2008 QC – Romeo Lim (Salon owner) – Unknown – unresolved
2009 Iloilo – Epi Ramos (Doctor, HIV Advocate) – multiple stab wound – resolved?
2009 San Mateo, Rizal – VJ Rubio (Faculty – La Salle Antipolo, Writer) – strangulation (robbery with homicide) – unresolved
2009 QC – Winton Ynion (Faculty – UE Recto, Palanca Awardee) – multiple stab wounds (robbery with homicide) – unresolved
2009 QC – Aries Alcantara (hairdresser) – Unknown – unresolved
2009 Dumaguete – Unknown (Doctor) – Multiple gun-shot wounds (murder) – unresolved
2009 Dumaguete – Unknown (2nd year student, Siliman University) – Multiple stab wounds (robbery with homicide) – unresolved
2010 Iloilo – Matilde Sinolan (unknown – lesbian) – Gunshot on the face – Killer (Leonides Honejar) at large
2010 QC – Enrique Esguerra (unknown) – stabbed with ice pick and a plastic bag over his head (robbery with homicide) – unresolved


Thank You! March 19, 2010

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To all the followers of my blog: Thank you very much for your time in reading the entries of my blog HarlyQueen. It is an inspiration to know that there are at least 300 visits per day in my blog. As of today the total hits of HarlyQueen is already 25,281 since it was first created last September 2009.

I will try to update my blog regularly with the current news on Gay agenda and other LGBT issues in the national and international scene.

I would also like to take this chance to invite you to write or contribute on this page in any issues concerning the rights and protection of the Queer Community. Email me at taatamata_demesa@yahoo.com.

Let us all unite and be heard as one voice.

Equality for all!
Equal rights, equal opportunity,
equality for all mankind!

Harold de Mesa


Ang Makinarya ni Gloria at ang kanyang Huling Alas March 16, 2010

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Ayon sa isang reliable source, mahigit 50 partylist ang inimbento lang at hawak at gagamiting makinarya ni GLORIA para manipulahin ang kongreso na magluluklok sa kanya bilang House Speaker.

Ito ang huling alas ni GLORIA para masusugan ang pagrerepaso ng ating saligang batas (charter change) ng sa ganun ay maisakatuparan niya ang pananatili sa kapangyarihan bilang isang halal na Prime Minister ng isang Parliamentaryong pamahalaan.

Hindi imposibleng mangyari ito kung makukuha niya muli ang mayorya sa kongreso sa May 2010 National Election.

Isa sa taktika niya ang pagiimbento ng kung anu-anung partylist. Wag nating bigyang daan ang kanyang kahayukan sa kapangyarihan.. Piliin ang partylist na tunay na kakatawan sa marginalize sector ng ating lipunan, hindi ang makinarya na magluluklok muli kay Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Harold C. de Mesa


Comelec OKs Ang Ladlad, 143 other party-list groups

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The Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Friday allowed 144 party-list groups, including gay party-list group Ang Ladlad, to participate in the May 10 national polls.

Through Resolution No. 8744, the Comelec en banc gave the go-signal to 144 out of the more than 300 party-list groups that filed their manifestations of intent to participate in the coming elections.

Among the approved party-lists is the Ang Ladlad, which was included in the list of qualified organizations through a Supreme Court order mandating the Comelec to print the gay group’s name on the ballot for the May polls.

Shorter ballot

Of the 144 approved party-list groups, 66 have already participated during the last elections while 78 were newly-accredited groups.

“With this, we now have the list of candidates of national positions and party-list organizations for May 10, 2010… We already have all the names we will print on the front side of the ballot,” said Comelec Commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal told reporters.

Larrazabal likewise said since the number of approved party-list groups was lower than expected, the length of the ballot to be used in the coming polls may be altered.

“We were projecting 200 party-list organizations to be included in the ballots. Now, we only have 144, so it (the ballot) might be shorter—which is good,” he said.

Section 10 of the Party-List System Act (Republic Act 7941) states that a voter is entitled to “a vote for a party, organization or coalition he wants represented in the House of Representatives” during elections.

RA 7941 also mandates accredited groups to submit a list of at least five nominees for party-list representatives to the Comelec legal department 45 days before the polls (March 26 this year).

No more additional names

Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez meanwhile said that although disqualified party-list groups could still file motions for consideration before the Supreme Court, the poll body would not include any more names in the ballot once the printing starts on January 25.

“We believe that we already have the final list of candidates… We have already done our part, and we would not sacrifice the conduct of orderly elections just for one or two groups who did not do theirs… Remember, the right to be elected is not an absolute right,” he said.

Jimenez likewise said he is confident that the high court will take into account the Comelec’s schedule before it makes decisions in connection with the coming polls.