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Prince Harry Is Target Of Homophobic Abuse At Gay Club March 21, 2011

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The News of The World, enraged by former Sky Sports football pundit Andy Gray’s sexism of TV, peppers the story with these phrases:

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“Ginger beer”

“…his shirt lifting out of his jeans.”

“Then, with muscly armed policemen in tow, he strolled past sex shops in London’s red light district before being driven home”…

“Harry, 26, usually leaves nightclubs by the back door…”

But what about the gay venue, identified by the paper as Box Bar?

The windowless venue has no sign or posters outside its entrance, which is located down a dark alley called Walker’s Court in the heart of Soho.

Only Box Bar in on London’s Monmouth Street:

The award-winning bar in the centre of London at the beautiful Seven Dials, nestled between Covent Garden and Soho. BoxBar is the perfect place to chill and unwind on a summer afternoon, or to find quiet with family or friends on any day.

The NoTW might be referring to The Box, which is on Walkers Court. And as for those gay puns – all poofs are shirt lifters (he-he) – the paper’s Robert Jobson & Stephen Moyes may care to read their own paper’s review of the tired film The Dilemma:

New Vince Vaughn comedy is boring, unfunny, homophobic and far, far too long.

Or the paper’s comment on homophobic chants aimed at former England footballer Sol Campbell – the paper said Spurs fans who made up songs about Campbell being gay (he’s not) were “morons“.

Homophobic morons, eh. Can they write? Just wondering…

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I want a Younghusband

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Know your Azkals: Phil Younghusband is not perfect
03/04/2011 | 12:01 AM

Many guys dream to be Phil Younghusband, while many girls dream to be with him. But if you’ll ask Phil himself, he’s far from perfect.

Physically, Phil looks like a guy cut out from a Benetton ad – green eyed with a tall and buff physique. Perfect, so to speak. Well he disagrees, and points to scars on his arm and knee.

“I love football but I hate all the injuries I get from it, especially the cuts and bruises. I hate it because it’s always gonna be with you. It’s not really painful. It’s more of annoying,” he says. They don’t really look so bad, and he probably realized that himself as he laughed at his complaint.

Still a bachelor (maybe not for long)

The 23-year-old may be considered one of the most in-demand bachelors in the country today, but he still gets turned down. Case in point: actress Angel Locsin declined his first date invitation via Twitter (and I can imagine girls everywhere sighed in relief).

Asked what the real score is between them, he says, “There’s no update. So I’m keeping mum until something actually happens.”

Since he hasn’t quite bagged the girl of his dreams yet, the girls in his life are solely his mom Susan and sister Keri. In fact, he says the sweetest thing he’s ever done for a girl was actually for his mom.

“My mum doesn’t like us giving her gifts on Christmas. She just wants a letter. So on every occasion, I write her a really sweet letter,” he smiles.

Going into showbiz?

Phil is no newbie to showbiz. Aside from numerous endorsements and modeling stints, he was a contestant in GMA-7’s “Celebrity Duets.” However, we won’t be seeing him as the perfect leading man anytime soon too.

“If I would go into showbiz, I’d probably do action. Since I’m sporty, I can do my own stunts. Plus there’s not a lot of talking. The Tagalog is hard,” he laughs.

But if given the chance to host his own show, Phil says it will still be about football. He wants to make a documentary showing the state of football in the country, the politics, and the growing popularity of the sport especially among kids.

Of course, going into the entertainment industry would only increase his already massive fan base. It shouldn’t be a problem as Phil says he adores his fans.

“Filipinos are very conservative and respectful, so nothing really crazy. If anything, my fans are really sweet. One time, they gave me this scrapbook filled with letters by fans from all over the Philippines,” he says.

“Mas gwapo ako sa kanya”

Phil and James have a mere 11-month gap. Because of this, they’re often taken as a pair even if they’re not twins. It’s probably because of this that Phil makes a conscious effort to differentiate themselves.

Phil says his favorite movie is “Titanic,” but quickly asks, “Did James say the same?” True enough, James did.

“Okay now I’ll say something else. I don’t want to say what he said. Uhm, probably ‘Wedding Singer.’”

Phil made sure he also gave a different answer for favorite Filipino statement.

“Mas gwapo ako sa kanya,” he said and then laughed out loud.

Phil Younghusband appreciates people saying he’s perfect, but he says he has flaws just like us mortals. Photo: Mav C. Gonzales
Apart from football, James and Phil have distinct interests. James is the artsy brother, while Phil prefers academics.

“If I wasn’t a football player, I’d probably be studying Math to be an accountant,” he says.

Quite surprised since Math and football are on opposite sides of the pole, I asked if he’s good in Math.

“Well, I used to be good in Math. I’m not sure now,” he laughs.


The search is on for the ‘Top 10 Pinoy Gay Icon 2011’

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The search is on for the ‘Top 10 Pinoy Gay Icon 2011’

A Pinoy Gay icon is a public figure (historical or current) who is embraced by many within lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities.

Qualities of a gay icon often include glamour, flamboyance, strength through adversity, and androgyny in presentation. Such icons may be of any sexuality or gender; they may also be closeted or open with their sexual orientation and gender identity. Although most gay icons have given their support to LGBT social movements, some have expressed opposition – advocating against a perceived “homosexual agenda”.
Historical icons are typically elevated to such status because their sexual orientation remains a topic of great debate among historians. Modern gay icons, who are predominantly female entertainers, commonly garner a large following within LGBT communities over the course of their careers. The majority of gay icons fall into one of two categories: the tragic, sometimes martyred figure or the prominent pop culture idol.

You may leave a comment on this post for your nomination. We will have a shortlist on June 2011. I will update you soon for other details regarding the search or better yet leave a suggestion on how can we formalize this search.

Thank you!

Harold de Mesa


More on the Elton John & David Furnish babygate!

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January 2, 2011 by Jason Shaw

“Thanks to Zacahary, gay surrogacy will become more acceptable” –

There is a huge amount of media coverage in England being devoted to the Christmas day announcement that Elton John and David Furnish have had a baby born by a surrogate mother in the US.

It’s likely to be a story that goes on and on and on, at least in the British media, which seems to be dividing itself between shock, horror and absolute hostility to cautious welcomes! Whilst I may not think Elton and David are the optimum age for starting a family, but nor are the countless millions of straight couples who conceive in the more traditional methods. According to the media, with fertility treatments becoming more available at lower costs, we are seeing ladies of advanced age giving birth.

There was a good bit in the UK’s Telegraph paper this Sunday which talks hopefully of surrogacy for gay couples becoming more acceptable following this news. Barrie & Tony Drewitt-Barlow – the first gay couple in Britain to have a baby with a surrogate mother, and who advised Sir Elton John and David Furnish over their new son, Zachary – tell Olga Craig about their newest arrival: a “one-stop-shop” surrogate baby centre which they open in Essex next month.

It is a morality tale for our times. To the casual observer, they could have been the conventional Christmas festivities seen in any household – turkey and trimmings, excited children, doting parents and a huge pile of presents under the tree.

But this was anything but a traditional gathering. In the Drewitt-Barlow home, the guest list for last weekend’s laughter-filled Christmas lunch consisted of five children, their two fathers and their four mothers.
In our changing moral climate, in which the traditional nuclear family is becoming increasingly outmoded, such a mix of melded families is far from uncommon.

But this household – a happy one, it must be said – is unique. Seated around the table with gay parents Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow and their children were the two women who donated eggs and the pair who were the surrogates, carrying the children.

The youngsters call Barrie Dad and Tony Daddy and refer to all four women as Mum. They live with their fathers in Essex during term time and spend the holidays in California, where the couple also have a home and where they see their mothers – although none of the women has any legal rights over their offspring.
Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, 42, and his partner Tony, 46, were headline news a decade ago when they became Britain’s first gay surrogate parents.

They made history when they travelled to America and, using an egg donor and a surrogate mother, became joint fathers to twins Aspen and Saffron, now 11. The couple launched a legal battle for the right to have both their names on the twins’ birth certificates, being designated as parent one and parent two.
In the years since, having become acknowledged authorities on surrogacy, they have gone on to have three more children – Orlando, now six, and twins Dallas and Jasper, nine months.
Although the unorthodox creation of the Drewitt-Barlows’ children caused considerably controversy in 1999, things have changed.