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My Mt. Batulao Adventure Trek April 25, 2011

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Another Love Poem by Harley ‘Elkins’ Dempsey April 24, 2011

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I don’t want to write
another love poem
It will be the same old story
again and again and again.

I am a loser in the game called love
It seems that all men are alike
from Adam
to Zanjoe

How could they say that
all you need is love.. love.. love?
When in the end all that is left
is sadness and solitude.

I am wounded
inside and out
but I can feel
no pain

Did you inject
a general anesthesia
throughout my bloodstreams?
Did you acupuncture
a part of my soul
then made me paralyzed?

I turned half dead
When I heard you saying:
“It’s over now,
this is the end of our story”.

penned by harold c. de mesa
a.k.a. Harley ‘Elkins’ Dempsey


‘THE PRINCE AND I’ (by Harley ‘Elkins’ Dempsey, my UK name) April 23, 2011

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My ink is dedicated to Prince William and Kate Middleton..

As I dream of castle rock,
of holly hills and riverboat
My gloomy state of being
experience a cold rain shower.

It changes and completes me,
for a moment it is euphoria,
A nirvana that makes me forget
all the stings in my heart.

Somehow, somewhere
I believe that someday,
This castle in the air
will come to reality.

Then, my dear prince and I
will run through the evergreen
He’ll dash ‘till he catches me
and in the brae he will lay me down.

As I look up the blue and sunny sky
his face will cover the majestic view
Then his eyes will shine on me
like a turquoise’s ray.

As I catches my breath
his candle like fingers
caress my cheek down to my ear
and tangles my goldilocks hair.

Then the sweetest smile on earth
is just half-inch away from me
His nearness makes me float
like daffodils on the river.

Slowly his strawberry lips
comes closer to mine,
His scented breath
gently pours my dry and thirsty lips.

His warm breath
enters in me
Lingering to tender and
breathtaking kisses.

Without a single word
our soul communicates.
Then, with our hands locked together
we will walk down the river.

On a river boat ride,
I will lie on his broad chest
While his arms are around me
the clear water mirrors our images.

Two people,
together as lover
The prince of my dreams
and the castle in my mind.

penned by Harold C. de Mesa


‘The Hollowness Series’ by Harold C. de Mesa April 20, 2011

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‘The Hollowness Series’ poetry collection are Emo and kinda’ Gothic literary works. Mejo pagpasensiyahan n’yo na ito mga frendz.. naisulat ko ito during my great depression moments.

Hollowness I

Inside my black hole there is hollowness,
Crazy acts and thoughts are the products of my madness.
As I follow my emotions,
The emptiness goes deeper and deeper
and it ruins my humanity.
Is this a sacred sanity?
Am I naive to be unsure
in all of the answers in the test of life?
How cute is my life?
Lots of foolishness, bunch of troubles.
You, the emotion inside me
Me, a tube body made of flesh and bones.
My brain was composed of dead cells
The data stored in my bank
were destroyed by a mega virus!
I don’t know who am I?
I don’t know where to begin?
I don’t know when to stop?
And I don’t know if I can still go on?
Is this the end of the road
or am I in an endless tunnel?


Hollowness II

Help me fill this emptiness
Inside my chest!
Help me ease the pain
And cast away my fears!
Whoever you are!
Wherever you are!
I need you now.
Please come near me
And fill me inside and out
With your love and devotion.
I’ve been longing for so long
For a companion who is-
So true, so sincere, so real.
Fill me with a thousand pins
Thrill me up and help me escape
From this dooms day.
But it seems that nobody hears me!
No one is destined for me
The truth is just right in front of my face
No one will ever love me
And I am long gone in this battle
Born to be a looser
In this game called love.


Hollowness III

Firmly, I stand
but in a weird position
my tip is my head and my top is my toe
Funny isn’t it?
But don’t you dare laugh at me!
If you do, Ill eat you alive.
Heaven and stars,
Fall on me!
Collapse wall of impurity
Rise in me New Jerusalem
Thy hollowness be done,
In my unholy life.
Give me peace of mind
If not, just let me rest in peace!
Six-hundred and sixty-six thousand feet below
Where my soul is destined
to dance with fire.
I don’t want to end
In to the waves of flames
Where sinners destiny
Ends in to a dust.
No! I wont let it happen!
Oh God!
Clear my black mind
Clean my impure heart
With the holy blood
Of Your Son Jesus.



Keeps my senses to go on
As nobody believes
In my craft,
In my faithfulness
As if I am a failure
With out a cure
But when I see the rainbow
In a lonely blue sky
Hope comes to me
Like a cold rain shower
For a while I escaped
In drought,
In famine,
And in this banishment
Where my misfortunes
Leads me to die in a natural way.
But when the rainbow is gone
Again I become wishy-washy
My hope fades slowly
Thinking that my senseless existence
Is the reason of my being
As all of them mock me,
Shun me.
Suddenly a single tear in my left eye
Was coming like a falling star
It was suppose to be followed
By a river of tears
But I shut the door of my soul
To stop the river to overflow
I don’t want those crazy frogs
To drink my tears
And laugh at my vulnerability
The cold mist of the night
Makes me shiver
While the morning dew
Makes me fresh
But an eclipse
In a lunar fate
Hides my soul
I cant find myself anymore
What I have is my dark half
Lonely as an old cow
Waiting for my butchery
I am blinded by vagaries
And these fatal moments
Brings torment
In my unequipped armor
This battle that I am facing
Is a matter of life and death
Win or lose
Is there a difference?


King of Brave

Alcohol substance
makes my body dance
Even in front of the crowd
I can take off my clothes.
Don’t ask me why the hell I’m drunk!
Anybody wants to fuck-
Inside my warm heart?
I am waiting for a baseball bat
That will strike my butt
And give me a home run.
A bottle of vodka
Can transform me in to a wild beast
Fresh blood and flesh
Will vanish in my prey.
A flip of champagne
Can throw me
far and away
And away from what I am afraid of.
Bloody Marry
Brings me to the altar
Even if I am alone in the tavern
It will be always a sacred haven
Shirley Temple is my dwelling place
Whiskey is my house key
I am living with a Zombie
I cant run with out Rum in my hand
A Brandy will give me a brand new day
I want to marry my dear Beer
No no no!
Don’t you dare touch that glass!
That Wine is mine!
Its all mine!
I want to escape from reality
I don’t want to feel the pain
I need courage
There is only one thing
That can give all that I need
The king of the brave
The liquid liquor
Yes, he gave all to me
Except self control
I am a ball
Don’t know where to fall.


An empty space

In the depth of my heart

As my soul soar the wind

Thoughts of you linger in my mind

As days go by

I love you even more

Night after night

Youre on my imagination

A make believe

That you are mine

And I am yours

Two of us, until forever

Sweet embraces

In the cold breeze of a summer

Breath taking kisses

Under the full moon

It seems so true

As I close my eyes

And dream of you

Your gaze and your sweet smile

But it kills me softly

When I think of the truth

Youll never be mine

Never ever be my love.


‘sweet cotton series’ by Harold C. de Mesa aka Elkins

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I wrote these poems 16 years ago. teenager pa ako at pa tweetums pa. kaya pag pasenciahan nyo na mejo pang bagets ang treatment ng sweet cotton series. enjoy reading mga friends!

Sweet Rhodora

The blossom of a rhodora

is about to unfold.

Her magenta petals
attracts the yellow jacket bees
and butterflies.

The sweetness of her scent
lures the prince
who loves to give a peck
on her unopened bud.

Young Rhodora

Young at heart
like a fresh rhodora.

Excited for her prince
to pick and peck her.
But when the prince visited the garden
he picked and pecked the rose instead.

How sad the young rhodora is?
To her disappointment, she asked:
How could I win a gallant prince,
when he preferred the red rose more than me?

A sophisticated rose that could bring out
his manliness into sensuality.
Differ from my scent of sweetness
which is just for a young lad to enjoy?

The Angel of Love….


Where can I find you?

When can I find you?

How can I find you?

Ive been searching for you

For a long, long time

But why cant I find you?

Where on earth are you hiding?

I asked cupid:

How long will I wait?

When will be the day

that my love will come?

When I strike your heart,
With my golden arrow, that will be the time.
The spell of true love will come to you very nearly my dear!
Cupid replied.

But when will it happen?

I am tired of waiting and waiting

Can it be now?

I asked without patience.

Love does not mean waiting, finding nor searching

It will come to you the least you expect it.

When your world seems so dark,

when you think you are all alone

Your love will come to light up your darkest moment.

Love will give a new meaning of life.

Cupid gently whispered into my ears.

On and on he whispered to me sofly:

Love comes from night sky like a falling star

and I know it is unusual to find one.

It will give you a pain in the neck if you gaze up on heaven all night.

Just sleep tight my dear

and when you wake up…

go on with life.

One morning youll find yourself

lying on someones arms.

When your love comes

day and night will be the same

This time it will be forever.

You’ll open your eyes and look upon unto his face

as he bend his head to give you a sweet peck in the lips each morning

and by night he’ll sing lullabies for you as he embrace you tightly.

After hearing that from the angel of love

I find myself embracing my own shoulders

I realized that I am day dreaming

While holding little cupid in my hand

Gosh! I am talking to a well sculptured piece

Funny, I talked to him again!

Thanks, Cupid!

I know that someday my love will come.


1)RABIS, (2)IBA NA LANG, UY! by Harold C. de Mesa

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guyz, baka pwede itong lyrics ng isang alternative song…
baka may pinoy band na interesado jan? just contact me if you want my lyrics, hindi ko ipagdadamot. tnx!


Ulol sayo
pagnakikita kita
sa’n ka man mag-stroll.

Ang bangis ng rabis mo
nauulol ako sayo
nabubuhol ang utak ko
pag ika’y lumalayo.

ulol sayo
pag natitigan ka na
nabubulol naman
kapag kausap ka.

Ang bangis mo talaga
nauulol na nga ako
nagkatrobol-trobol pa ko
ng dahil sayo… sayo…

Ulol sayo…
ano ba ‘to?
sarili’y di na maawat
handa na akong mangagat

nauulol ako sayo
nabubuhol ang utak ko
nagkatrobol-trobol pa ako
ng dahil sayo… sayo…

Ngunit ulol man ako sa ‘yong paningin
di kita magagawang saktan
isang bulong mo lang,
isang himas mo lang
at ako ay mapapa-amo na.


Sabi mo, mahal mo na ako
maniniwala ba ako
sinong niloko mo
iba na lang, uy! wag na ako.

parang di ko alam
tunay na karakas mo
mula ulo hanggang paa
kilala kita kung sino ka.

bakit ba ang kulit mo
Ilang ulit na kitang pinahiya
bubuntot-buntot ka parin
parang tutang kulang sa pansin

Bakit ba ang sugid mo?
parang alam na alam mo
na gusto rin kita
kaso nga, ayoko sayo…

Iba nalang, uy! wag na ako
iba na lang ang utuin mo
iba na lang, uy! wag na ako
iba na lang ang paglaruan.

Tama na, please lang!
tigilan mo na ako
malapit na akong bumigay
iba nalang, uy! wag na ako.

Maniniwala ba ako
na ako nga ay mahal mo?
susundin ko na ba,
tinitibok ng puso ko para sayo?

Iba nalang, uy! wag na ako
iba na lang ang saktan mo
iba na lang, uy! wag na ako
iba na lang ang paglaruan.

Di ako handang sumugal
sa laro na gusto mo
takot akong ibigin ka
kahit pa alam kong mahal na kita.