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‘Fragments of Life’ by harold c. de mesa (MyEnglish Poetry Collection) April 19, 2011

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read me for you to know the deep blue me

Curtain Call
Lights on,
on my gloomy life.
You want to see something new?
See a different story?
Enter in my opera
and sit in the front row.
Get a binocular
and see me close to close.
My life is not a pay per view,
See it for free.
It’s an open book,
Open me.

Empty like a shell,
An arrow without a bow
Hopeless case
as it seems.
Punctured heart,
Tortured mind,
Restless body,
No body cares.
All alone,
Away from home,
Im starving
and death is near

Sunrise and Sunset
It’s a new day
Keep on smiling
Keep on living
Go on, Fight for life!
Witness the tranquility!
Keep on dancing
until the sunset
ends the day

Wake up!
The dawn is near.
Move on!
The path is clear.
Live on!
Life is beautiful.

Hangin’ on
In agony, you cried behind the walls
You see no open door
out of miseries.
Gripping on a twig,
Hangin’ on a cliff,
Ready to fall.

On your mind
Is all what you’ve got.
Hopeless to contend and survive
Your faith fades
On your ill-fated existence.
All alone,
Deserted by friends,
Hungry for attention.
And damned.
(That’s what you think)

This is a state of life
That will never reverse.
No rainbow,
only flooded tears,
This storm is forever.

I have as much as
What you have..
My brother!
It came to the point
of cutting my throat
but my courage eats me
many times
I cried
And many times I wish to die
I looked up on high
And pleaded;
God, help me!
Let me get-off
My skin

One night, my brother
(An unforgettable one)
You did
What I suppose to do
You turned off,
your out of tuned life
On earthbound you are free.
What you long for is what you have now,
a perfect peace.

Dying to live
I write
and I begin
to weep.
I weep,
and I begin
to bleed.
I bleed,
and I begin
to die.
I died,
and I begin
to live.

Stacked forever in this dump
Cant move, breathe, or even talk
I think I’m dying here
My dreams are dimmed as shadows
I am captured by cruelness
I have this wrap-around-world
which is hard to hit-and-run
Can’t release a file of smoke
Out of my nervous lips
I can’t buy even a single stick of Marlboro
Am I really a poor guy?
I don’t want to sit forever
In this stool of emptiness
I want to stand by my own feet
I need a shift in this course
Chance, I beg you!
Please come!
Don’t dump a dumber
Give me a break
To break my leg

The search of gold
A river of gold
A dream so cold
Maybe this search is just beneath
Your courage and sweat
Step by step
Give your best
Climb high in the quarry
But don’t be afraid to look down
And in the dark cave
Where the treasure lies
The light on your head
Will lead your way
What do I mean by gold?
Its not literally bold
It is your goal in life
A dream that you want to make real
Success can be counted
Like a golden crown in your head
But satisfaction is not like that-
Contentment is the key
Its not too much wealth
Nor the stardom that you been dreaming of
A simple dream
That you know you can achieve
Life is like a joke
A simple mixture of words
That will make you smile
Not a puzzle that will make you mad
Always start with the ABC-
Your ability to pursue your ambitions,
The bravery to fight for it,
And the courage to continue the search

Seven peso and fifty centavo
On my purse,
A one-way-ticket
Wherever I want to go,
Can’t have fun or watch a movie
Or buy a loaf of bread for my stomach.
That’s my story,
The same old me,
Getting ready for a long walk,
How far?
Miles away, I guess?
All I want is to bring a ham and bacon
When I come home with my family

This walk is a quest
I don’t know where to start?
I don’t know where to go?
All I need to do is to
Walk, walk and walk!

Thats the journey of life
A travel so far
To succeed this foe
In the end you are the victor

Close my eyes,
Let me sleep
I’m tired and sick
Of walking at night
I was there alone
In the middle of the dark
Waiting for someone
Whom I can talk to
Then suddenly you came along
Out of nowhere
A lonely pale face
With a crystal clear eyes
Was in front of me
Looking unto me
Without a single word
You took my hands
And gently kissed my fingers
On bended knees
You hugged my legs.
I stroked your hair
Then lifted you up
Our eyes met
Your mouth gently brushed
My ice-cold lips
Your tongue
Entered in to the whole of my soul
I pushed you back
And ask;
“Who are you?”
No answer.
“Can’t you talk?
You nod.
Anyway, it doesn’t matter
A kiss is still a kiss
even the size of your tongue
Is shorter than mine.

I pulled you back and brushed your lips.
Now I can hear your voice
Inside my heart
“The night was dark,
Let’s move in to the light
My love will give you rest
Sleep in to my nest”.

Suicide Note
I’ve been down so long
Helpless and alone
Twenty-six years old
And I have nothing to hold on
An undergrad scholar
And a frustrated writer
Jobless, shoeless and homeless
A run away with no runway
My ideal can’t be a cereal
My passion is a precaution
Everyday for me is like a procession
I’m walking all alone with no destination
A broken glass was in my hand
and in my mind
I’m ready to cut my wrist
And open my fist
My soul wants to depart
But my medulla oblongata
Says, no! Stop it!
Then I think twice

In the fifth level of the mall
Overlooking the skating rink
I’m willing to jump on high
And fall down on ice and die
My nerve is not eating me
In hanging myself or drinking a poison
The truth is, it is more painful
To go on living than dying
Instantly, I can end up
My ungentle fate
As what my brother did
When he took his own life

Let me know
Don’t let me fall
In your deepness.
Don’t make me taste
The pain in your arms.
Don’t hide your intentions
Of having me.
Don’t keep me waiting
For your truthfulness.
Don’t tell me silly lies
From your sweet tongue.
Don’t kiss me
Just to please me.
Just let me know
What I really mean to you.
Or just let me go
Before I end up loving you.

Fragments of life
I met alone,
On my own,
A thing that makes me sings,
A song that nobody wants to hear.
A thousand smile,
that hides my sorrow,
a million tears,
that breaks my heart,
and blows my mind
in to a deep depression.
I am in a maze,
Don’t know where to go,
If I solve this puzzle,
What will be my price, my own death or life?
Yes, I am!
Out of passion,
out of love.
No, I’m not!
My sanity is still under control
But the weakness of my flesh
Ruined me mentally
As I hold this breath
Hope is still with me
I know that
The grace of Almighty God
Is just waiting for me
Now I met alone
The glory of God
His tender love and mercy
For sinners like me

The Riddle of the Heart

A kiss in the wind
Catch by a blind,
A halfway walk
Where nobody talks
Bleeding eyes in tears
Purple cheeks with scars
Devoted bed mate
Don’t know how to hate
A glow in the dark
Where the moonlight shines
See the arrays bright
In a thrilling coaster ride
A bluebird song
In a tavern of sprees
A mending heart that flees
In a love that was wrong
A rose without a torn
In a drifted garden
Rain and morning dew
Will bring back her blossoms

Five riddles in the name of thy heart
To fathom the words between my lines
You need to dive in to a thousand pins
And be ready to bleed thy heart


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