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Table Guide Management and [Name of the Institution]


The following constitutes a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between Table Guide Management and [name of the institution]. The purpose of this agreement is to set forth the agreed upon restaging of the mobile theatre play “Ang Kagila-gilalas na Kasinungalingan Tungkol sa Isang Kayumangging Bayan” and [Name of the institution and the address]

This MOA is intended to be of the mutual benefit in showcasing of the mobile theatre play “Ang Kagila-gilalas na Kasinungalingan Tungkol sa Isang Kayumangging Bayan” between Table Guide Management and  [Name of the institution].

The mobile theatre play “Ang Kagila-gilalas na Kasinungalingan Tungkol sa Isang Kayumangging Bayan” will be showcased from the last week of February to the first week of March. [Name of the institution] designated [play dates] and agreed to showcase the play on this date with the following Terms and Conditions:


  • Mounting the mobile theatre production ‘ “Ang Kagila-gilalas na Kasinungalingan Tungkol sa Isang Kayumangging Bayan” on the designated date and time.
  • Providing tickets and promotional materials for the said production.
  • Table Guide Management will shoulder the utility charges (electricity and overtime fees for janitorial services and other manpower) from ingress to egress of the said production.
  • Table Guide Management will share the 20 percent of the total ticket sales or will provide a Multi Media Showcase (5o inches LED TV and speaker system) to [Name of the institution] that can be used for educational purposes.

[Name of the institution] SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR:

  • [Name of the institution] will provide the venue of the said play within their premises.
  • [Name of the institution] will provide at least 200 to 250 students per show and a total of 3 runs of the show or at least a total of 500 guaranteed audience with in the day to cover the production and labor cost of the show. (Ticket price is Php200.00 each)
  • Market the tickets to the studentry and provide guaranteed seats with all of the show run.
  • [Name of the institution] will remit the total ticket sales at least a week before the designated play dates.



Modifications to this MOA shall only be made by written mutual consent of both parties, signed and dated by all parties.


This MOA is signed this ______ day of ________________,


by the participating parties.














Harold de Mesa’s ‘Kiriring Aida’t Macaraig’ Buy your tickets now at Ticketworld January 20, 2016

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Tanghalang Batingaw Alumni Association Inc. and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts present

Harold de Mesa’s ‘Kiriring Aida’t Macaraig’
(Revisioned story by Nippon Denzo and Rowmel Rodriguez)
Feb 19, 2016 • Teatrino
4:00 PM & 8:00 PM

Buy your tickets now at Ticketworld https://www.ticketworld.com.ph/



The Sleeping Lady at the Mall, Do you think it’s funny?

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Do you think it’s  funny?

By Ozawa Hanashi

Netizens delivered in photoshopping the sleeping lady in various scenes, making her Internet famous.

Funny right? If you look at the edited photos, you might think they’re hilarious! However, what’s the story behind the original photo posted? Did the lady know about this? Do you think she wanted to be Photoshopped or become internet famous? Or if she wants to be famous, do you think, she wants it to be this way?

What if the poor lady is one of your relatives? Will you find the pictures funny? You might be thinking,”Hey! It’s just a joke!”. Maybe your thinking, if she didn’t want her photo to go viral, she shouldn’t have slept in the mall, right? Well , you see, people. She’s a “lola” and she looks really tired. Who knows what she went through before she decided to or accidentally sleep on the couch? What if she’s just really sleepy?

You see, there’s a thin line between joking and bullying. This might seem like a joke to you but it’s not a funny one. This is one of the reasons why cyber bullying is a thing. Sometimes, we just dive in to what’s viral. We want to be “in”. We want to look cool and funny. We should stop being mean to people. Let’s restore faith in netizens, shall we?

Bdw according to my reliable source (which is none other than the fashion Guru of Capone Collezione Process), the  sleeping lady at the mall is not a Filipina but a native from New Delhi, India.

So beware, if you laugh at this lady from the top of your lungs, karma is digital. You can never tell, the next time I browse the internet, I might see you in a photoshopped picture with a hilarious and horrible meme of your own.



Photoshop Battle Sleeping Lady (1)


Photoshop Battle Sleeping Lady (14)Photoshop Battle Sleeping Lady (15)Photoshop Battle Sleeping Lady (16)Photoshop Battle Sleeping Lady (17)Photoshop Battle Sleeping Lady (18)Photoshop Battle Sleeping Lady (19)Photoshop Battle Sleeping Lady (20)Photoshop Battle Sleeping Lady (2)Photoshop Battle Sleeping Lady (3)Photoshop Battle Sleeping Lady (4)Photoshop Battle Sleeping Lady (5)Photoshop Battle Sleeping Lady (6)Photoshop Battle Sleeping Lady (7)Photoshop Battle Sleeping Lady (8)Photoshop Battle Sleeping Lady (9)


Extreme Method Acting: 15 Actors Who Have Taken The Craft To Another Level January 19, 2016

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The art of method acting has long been a favored technique of Hollywood heavyweights seeking to perfect their craft. These days, however, the unorthodox practice is getting some extra attention thanks to stars like Shia Labeouf and Daniel Day-Lewis.

For his part in Lars Von Trier’s upcoming film, “Nymphomaniac,” Labeouf revealed that he actually had sex on camera. Day-Lewis, on the other hand, became so immersed in his performance in “Lincoln” that he began to sign his text messages “A”for Abraham.

While Anthony Hopkins might not be impressed by method acting, the 15 actors in the slideshow below seem to believe in its power. Whether it’s through extreme weight loss or embodying the characters’ quirky traits offscreen, their performances show us just how far they are willing to go in the name of art.

Christian Bale – The Machinist
Christian Bale has reportedly denied claims that he is a method actor, noting that his work is “pure imagination.” But there’s no denying the lengths to which the actor has gone to embody his former roles. For instance, he lost a frightening 63 pounds to play Trevor Reznik in “The Machinist,” and then bulked up again to play Bruce Wayne in “The Dark Knight.”
Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis – Black Swan
Natalie Portman reportedly steers clear of method acting, but she dropped 20 pounds to play a ballerina in “Black Swan.” She also trained for a full year before filming, later admitting that she was “really, really tiny” during the shooting. Portman’s co-star Mila Kunis also lost weight for her role.
Antonia Campbell-Hughes – 3096
For her role as Austrian kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch, actress Antonia Campbell Hughes dropped an astounding amount of weight. Commenting on her character — who was imprisoned for eight and a half years in a dungeon, Campbell-Hughes told The Evening Standard: “It’s not a biopic or a case study. But playing someone real, you feel you have to give a bit more. There was an understanding from the beginning that I would suffer as much as she did.”

IMAGE: Antonia Campbell-Hughes attends the Premiere of ‘Frankenweenie’ at the opening of the BFI London Film Festival at Odeon Leicester Square on October 10, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images)
Tippi Hedrin – The Birds
Tippi Hedrin’s method acting experience may not have been entirely up to her, but it was certainly an instance of immersive filmmaking. During the shooting of “The Birds,” Alfred Hitchcock promised Hedrin that only mechanical birds would be used for the film’s iconic attack scene. This was not the case. For days, stagehands actually threw live birds at her face,exposing the actress to pecking and clawing throughout the filming.
Jim Carrey – Man on the Moon
Jim Carrey played the infamous prankster Andy Kaufman in the 1999 movie, “Man on the Moon.” During filming, Carrey was always in character — whether he was channeling Kaufman or the comedian’s alter ego, Tony Clifton. Carrey’s antics reportedly annoyed his coworkers, friends and Jerry “The King” Lawler, but it paid off. The actor won a Golden Globe for his performance.
Kate Winslet – The Reader
After playing a former Nazi concentration camp guard in “The Reader,” Kate Winslet had a difficult time walking away from the part. She was reportedly so focused on accurately depicting the guard on duty that the actress took several months to get back to normal. The actress said: “It’s like I’ve escaped from a serious car accident and need to understand what has just happened.”
Joaquin Phoenix – I’m Still Here
The whole project was a ruse, but Joaquin Phoenix’s Kaufman-esque portrayal of himself in “I’m Still Here” is surely a good example of when method goes awry. Through the project, the actor briefly tricked people into believing he was a disenchanted and slightly crazed Hollywood star who was leaving the film arena to pursue a career in hip hop music. He and his brother-in-law Casey Affleck told people that they were documenting the process in a film titled “I’m Still Here.” Phoenix embodied his new role by making multiple public appearances in character, growing out his hair and beard, and donning a costume comprised of black shades and suits. Affleck and Phoenix later confessed that the film was a hoax, subjecting the latter to a frenzy of post-fallout criticism.
Dustin Hoffman – Marathon Man
During the filming of “Marathon Man,” Dustin Hoffman attempted to put himself in Thomas “Babe” Levy shoes. Levy was an avid runner and historian who became entwined in an elaborate spy plot, so Hoffman deprived himself of sleep in order to play the part. When Hoffman allegedly arrived on set after having stayed awake for two straight days, he was in such a state of disarray that cast mate Laurence Olivier reportedly asked him, “Why not try acting? It’s much easier.”
Heath Ledger – The Dark Knight
Heath Ledger died from a drug overdose following his portrayal of The Joker in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight.” A source told FOX News: “Heath refused to talk to anyone out of character. If you tried to communicate with him normally instead of The Joker, he would just ignore you.” Ledger reportedly locked himself in an apartment for a month before shooting and spoke of having difficulties sleeping while playing the part.
Marlon Brando – The Men
Marlon Brando is considered to be a master of method acting, and used the Stanislavsky System throughout his career.

Before the filming of “The Men,” Brando spent a month in bed at the Birmingham Army Hospital in Van Nuys to prepare for his role as a paraplegic veteran. In real life, however, the actor was reportedly rejected for service in the Korean War because of a trick knee.

Adrian Brody – The Pianist
To prepare for his role as concert pianist and Holocaust victim Wladyslaw Szpilman, Brody practiced for four hours a day in the run-up to shooting the film, eventually learning how to play passages by Frédéric Chopin. To further immerse himself in the role, Brody sold his car and apartment, stopped using phones and moved to Europe with only two bags and a keyboard. The 6’5″ actor eventually dropped down to a weight of 130 pounds, and explained his method to the BBC:

There is an emptiness that comes with really starving that I hadn’t experienced… I couldn’t have acted that without knowing it. I’ve experienced loss, I’ve experienced sadness in my life, but I didn’t know the desperation that comes with hunger.

Robert De Niro – Raging Bull
Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci lived and trained with each other before filming “Raging Bull” together. To up the ante, De Niro gained a significant amount of weight in order to emulate his character, Jake LaMotta. As a result, the actor reportedly experienced difficultly breathing during the demanding shoots. Scorcese reportedly feared for De Niro’s health, shutting down production at one point to deal with it, Shortlist reports.
dward Norton – American History X
Edward Norton has been known to “go method” for his movies, but the preparation that went into his 1996 film, “American History X,” was arguably extreme. The actor reportedly gained 30 pounds for the role after working out for three solid months.
Shia Lebeouf – Nymphomaniac
For his role in Lars von Trier’s upcoming film, “Nymphomaniac,” Shia Labeouf opted to “go method” for some of the movie’s intimate scenes. Instead of simulating sex, the young actor reportedly had sex with his costar on screen. Needless to say, Labeouf’s then girlfriend was not too pleased with the decision, and the couple parted ways. Now, Shia isallegedly dating his “Nymphomaniac” cast mate, Mia Goth.P, File)
Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field – Lincoln
In order to get into his 19th century role in the Steven Spielberg biopic, “Lincoln,” Daniel Day-Lewis allegedly spent a full year reading and thinking about the president, sent text messages to his cast mates as “The Commander in Chief” or simply “A” and shunned all discussions of current events while on set. Sally Fields, who plays Mary Todd Lincoln, also did an impressive amount of research. She read five biographies and visited the former First Lady’s home as well as several private collections of Lincoln memorabilia. She also reportedly gained 25 pounds for the role.

korean style beef & mushroom hot pot, shabu shabu January 18, 2016

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prep time:

30 min

inactive time:

0 min

cooking time:

30 min

total time:

60 min


Why not make your dinner a little more fun? Shabu Shabu is a great way to make your dinner lively and interactive.
It’s also very nutritious. You can enjoy meat, lots of vegetables, noodles and rice, all in one go. No need to fight for what to put in the dish, as everyone can eat whatever he or she wishes. The recipe is great for vegetarians who eat fish, as the broth is fish-based and you can just take out the meat from side dishes.

This shabu-shabu table cooking recipe is for a three-course meal.
Course 1: enjoy meat and vegetables
Course 2: noodle soup
Course 3: fried rice
But, you can pick and choose a course you want if this is too much.

If you don’t want to do table cooking, you can use the same broth and ingredients to make a noodle soup.


for broth
13 cups Water 물
20 Anchovy (dried) 멸치
3 piece(s) Kelp (dried, 2″ X 2″ or 5 cm x 5 cm) 다시마  (optional)
1 Green Onion 파
6 Dried Red Chili Pepper 마른고추 (optional)
3 tbs Cheongju, Korean Rice Wine 청주 (or white wine)
for broth seasoning
1½ tbs Gochugaru, Korean Hot Pepper Flakes 고추가루
1 tbs Hot Pepper Paste (Gochujang) 고추장
2 tbs Soy Sauce for Soup (Gukganjang) 국간장  (can substitute with regular soy sauce)
1 tbs Garlic (minced) 다진 마늘
½ tsp Black Pepper 후추
for dipping sauce
¼ cup Soy Sauce (regular) 왜간장
¼ cup Vinegar 식초
2½ tbs Water 물
¼ tsp Wasabi 고추냉이
for course 1 (pick mushrooms & vegetables you like)
7 oz Sliced Beef Sirloin 불고기용 등심 (any tender cut, must be very thinly sliced)
2 oz Bok choy (or your favorite vegetable)
2 oz Enochi Mushroom 팽이버섯 (or your favorite mushroom)
2 oz Shimeji mushroom (or your favorite mushroom)
2 oz Chinese broccoli (or your favorite vegetable)
2 oz Minari, Water Dropwort (or your favorite vegetable)
for couse 2 (optional)
9 oz Kal-guk-soo, Korean Style Handmade Noodles 칼국수 (can use udon noodles)
for course 3 (optional)
1 cup Cooked Rice 밥
4 oz Kimchi 김치
1 tbs Sesame Oil 참기름
1 sheet Seaweed (Laver) 김
1 Egg 계란
Korean Style Beef & Mushroom  Hot Pot, Shabu Shabu


Optional Ingredients and Substitutions
– You do not have to make the handmade noodles from scratch. You can get Korean style handmade noodles (Kal-Guk-Soo) from Korean markets. You can use other types of noodles if you like, but Kal-Guk-Soo is the best for this dish.
– Dried kelp and dried red chili pepper for the basic broth can be omitted (although they do add nice flavors.)
– If you have people who cannot handle wasabi, serve it on the side. But we recommend using wasabi, as it really will add a nice flavor to the dipping sauce.
– Rice mix (cooked rice, seaweed, kimchi, egg, sesame oil) can be omitted. (no course #3)
Soy sauce for soup / Gook-Gan-Jang can be replaced by regular soy sauce. (not as good but still works)
– Rice wine can be replaced by white wine or other clear spirit, like vodka.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a non-spicy version?
This dish is really nice with a spicy kick. If you must make a mild version, reduce or omit dried chili peppers, red chili flakes and red chili paste from broth and seasoning ingredients.
You may need more soy sauce or salt to season it because you are losing some salty taste in red chili paste.

How much broth do I need to make?
The basic amount in this recipe is for two people, plus extra broth to keep adding to the boiling mix. But the amount may vary depending on how much meat and vegetables you want to eat and how fast you eat it. If you have big eaters, you will need much more broth. The more people you are serving, the more important to remember the broth will boil down as you cook. Consider any extra amount you may need. Also, remember the seasoning amount should increase as the broth amount increases.

What other ingredients can I use?
You can also add fishcakes, dumplings or any other meat as long as it’s thinly sliced.
You can use any vegetables you like as long as it doesn’t require a long time to cook or has strong flavors that will alter the taste of the soup. You can try things like potatoes if you add them in the beginning and let it cook for awhile. However, do not add too many starchy vegetables or noodles, as they will start to thicken your soup too much.

What if I don’t have a portable stove? Can I still enjoy this dish?
It wouldn’t be the same experience. But, you can use the recipe to make a nice noodle soup. Just make the same broth. Then, add vegetables and noodles and boil on high heat until noodles are cooked. Add slices of beef at the very last minute so it’s not over cooked. Serve it in a large bowl with some dipping sauce on the side.

Do I have to do all three courses?
No, you don’t have to do course #2 (noodles) or course #3 (fried rice). You can just enjoy meat and vegetables with a bowl of rice on the side.


Ingredient amounts in the recipe instructions are for the default serving size.
Click to enlarge photos.
Ingredient amounts in the recipe summary are for the default serving size.

1. Make Broth

Put 13 cups of water, 3 pieces of kelp (2” X 2” or 5cm x 5cm), 20 pieces of anchovies, 1 green onion, 6 pieces of dried red chili pepper (reduce to make it milder) and 3 tablespoons of rice wine in a pot. Boil with a lid on high heat for 10 min. When the broth starts to boil, let it simmer with a lid on low heat for 20 min.

image: HPSBAA01.JPG

Boil with lid

High Heat image: highheat.png image: clock.png 10 min

  • 13 cups water
  • 3 kelp (2” X 2” or 5cm x 5cm)
  • 20 anchovies
  • 1 green onion
  • 6 dried chili peppers
  • 3 tbs rice wine

Simmer with lid

Low Heat image: lowheat.png image: clock.png 20 min

2. Season Broth

Mix 1½ tablespoons of red chili flakes, 1 tablespoon of red chili paste, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce for soup (gukganjang), 1 tablespoon of minced garlic, ½ teaspoon of black pepper in a bowl. Add the seasoning to the broth and dissolve it well. Simmer it with a lid on medium heat for 10 min . If you like spicy food, add more red chili flakes (gochugaru). If you can’t take spiciness, decrease the amount of red chili flakes (gochugaru) and red chili paste (gochujang).

image: HPSBAA03.JPG


  • 1½ tbs red chili flakes
  • 1 tbs red chili paste
  • 2 tbs Korean soy sauce (used in soup)
  • 1 tbs minced garlic
  • ½ tsp black pepper

Dissolve it into the broth


Med Heat image: medheat.png image: clock.png 10 min

3. Filter Broth

Filter the broth through a strainer.

image: HPSBAA04.JPG

Filter broth

4. Prepare Vegetables

Prepare mushrooms and vegetables of your choice (such as bok choy, cabbage, onion, Chinese broccoli, water dropwort and etc). Cut off roots if any. Wash thoroughly under running water and drain.

image: HPSBAA06.JPG

Prepare mushrooms and vegetables



5. Prepare Noodles

You can buy pre-made noodles (Kal-Gul-Soo) from a Korean grocery market or make it from scratch. To learn how to make noodles, click here. Pre-cook the noodles for 3 min in boiling water. (OPTIONAL) Then, wash in cold water and drain. This will prevent your broth from being too thick.

image: HPSBAA07.JPG

Prepare noodles

Pre-cook noodles (optional)

  • in boiling water
  • High Heat image: highheat.png image: clock.png 3 min

Wash in cold water

Drain water

6. Prepare Rice Mix (optional)

(OPTIONAL) Prepare fried rice mix. On a bowl or plate, place 1 cup of cooked rice. Add ½ cup of finely chopped kimchi, 1 tbs sesame oil and 2 tbs of seaweed bits (break a sheet of dried seaweed in a zipped bag) on top. Add a cracked raw egg on top. (This mix will be added and cooked at the very end of the meal. See tips for details.

image: HPSBAA08.JPG

On a plate, place

  • 1 cup cooked rice
  • ½ cup chopped kimchi
  • 1tbs sesame oil
  • 2 tbs seaweed bits
  • 1 egg (cracked)

7. Make Dipping Sauce

Mix 4 tablespoons of soy sauce, 4 tablespoons of vinegar, 2½ tablespoons of water and ¼ tsp of wasabi. If you have people who cannot handle wasabi, serve it on the side. But we recommend using wasabi, as it really will add a nice flavor to the dipping sauce.

image: HPSBAA09.JPG


  • ¼ cup soy sauce
  • ¼ cup vinegar
  • 2½ tbs water
  • ¼ tsp wasabi

8. Table Setting

Pour the broth in a hot pot (or sauce pan) and place it on the portable stove. You don’t have to start with all the broth you made. You can start with some then add more as the liquid evaporates while eating. Prepare the thinly sliced beef sirloin (the thinner the better). You can roll the beef for nice presentation, with Korean style handmade noodles, rice mix(optional), assorted vegetables, dipping sauce and empty serving plates on the side.

image: HPSBAA16.JPG


  • Broth in a hot pot
  • Portable stove
  • Thinly sliced beef sirloin
  • Korean style handmade noodles
  • Assorted vegetables
  • Dipping sauce
  • Serving plates

9. Table Cooking Course 1

Warm the broth on high heat. When it starts to boil, put some vegetables in the broth. Let each person dip a piece of beef in the broth to cook individually. Dip in the dipping sauce and eat with vegetables. Keep adding more broth as the broth gets boiled down and becomes thick. You can change the heat level as needed. (e.g., If it’s boiling too fast, turn it down. If there’s too much stuff and the soup is not boiling, turn it up.)

image: HPSBAA11.JPG

Boil broth High Heat image: highheat.png

When boiling, put vegetables

Individually cook beef

Dip in the sauce

(Keep adding the broth)

10. Table Cooking Course 2

After finishing the beef & vegetables, add the Korean style handmade noodles (Kal-Guk-Soo) into the broth and boil on high heat for 5-10 min. Turn off the heat once the noodles are cooked.

image: HPSBAA12.JPG

Add the handmade noodles

Cook High Heat image: highheat.png image: clock.png 10 min

11. Table Cooking Course #3 (OPTIONAL)

Remove all remaining noodles from the soup. Leave a very small amount of broth at the bottom. Add the rice mix in and stir-fry on high heat for 3 min. Pat the rice so it’s level and turn down the heat to low. Leave it for 5-10 min to form a crispy crust at the bottom. Turn off the heat and enjoy your fried rice!

image: HPSBAA17.JPG

Remove remaining noodles

Leave a little bit of soup

Add rice mix

Stir-fry High Heat image: highheat.png image: clock.png 3 min

Level the rice and turn down heat

Low Heat image: lowheat.png image: clock.png 5 min


more about dish

Shabu-shabu’s origin goes back to the time of the Mongolian Emperor Genghis Khan (13th century), although some Korean historians believe it originated in Korea during the Three Kingdom era (1st century) and went to Mongolia.

The legend is that during the Genghis Khan’s conquest, Mongol warriors boiled water in their metal helmets and stirred in slices of raw lamb meat and vegetables. As the Mongol empire extended all over Asia and even Europe, some believe this Mongolian hot pot inspired ‘fondue’ in Switzerland.

Since then, the Japanese modernized and popularized the dish and called it shabu-shabu. The word “shabu” refers to the sound of water being stirred.

Today, Shabu-shabu is widely in enjoyed in many Asian countries and each country has its own variations. Korean shabu-shabu recipes tend to have a spicy kick to them. Also, Koreans enjoy three course shabu-shabu meals – meat and vegetables, noodles and fried rice.


Jeric Gonzales Solo Act by Harl Berry January 17, 2016

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This young star from GMA 7 is now a green apple that was peeled off in the social media realm.  It was Jeric  Gonzales, part of the top six finalists of  Protégé, a reality based artista search, created by GMA Network.  Jeric signed, with Thea Tolentino, to be part of Teen Gen, a sequel of the teen oriented show of the 1990s, T.G.I.S..

This guy is so cute and I can’t stop myself watching GMA 7 teleseryes even if some of their   drama shows are cliché.

Until now I can’t believe that a private video of him doing a solo action will circulate like what happened to the same JG  just last week.  Although the video shows him wanking for over  21 minutes, you can still see the innocence on his face.

I started to notice this cute boy in  Parekoy of Dingdong Dantes, then now, I am following him as Destiny Rose first love.  Jeric is so way hotter than the other young male stars that knows nothing than magpabebe.

I know that after this video scandal leakage (that according to my source has been circulating since November last year), Jeric’s  boy next door image will be already tarnished.  Anyways, he is already playing matured roles lately in GMA 7 in Karelasyon together with Ina Raymundo and he was able to execute his sophisticated role  with justice.

Before, if a scandal like this spread out in the traditional media (social media is not yet existing that time) it is the end of your career as a celebrity but now it is a different story,  if you are a new artist then it will pave your way to stardom and if you have a dying career then it will help you to go back to the limelight again.  This is what we call unconventional truth in this age.

Anyhow, going back to Jeric, the Bekilandia is kinda disappointed with his toy.  According to their Hanash: “Kaputi puti ng fez, ka-jitim-jitim naman ng notes’.  Hahaha! Do you need an interpreter for that hanashi?  I don’t think so, just watch the video for you to understand the lingo.






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Harold de Mesa’s Kiriring Aida’t Macaraig
(Revisioned story by Nippon Denzo and Rowmel Rodriguez)
Feb 19, 2016 • Teatrino
4:00 PM & 8:00 PM