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Pare, why did you do it alone? February 15, 2016

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by Harl Berry

Michael Pangilinan joined the bandwagon of 2016 male celebrity video scandal repertoire.

This is another major traffic for Google drive and other porn sites as the gay community watch and save it on their own Cloud and day dream of this young lad.

They said that it is just a look alike but others said it is really Kel, as his close showbiz friends calls him.  You have to see it yourself for you to tell if it’s him or not.  You need to have the audacity  to watch the 13 minute not so boring video during your office hours or your lunch break, just don’t forget  to mute the audio or you might catch the attention of your moralist office mate and you will be branded as porn addict.  Well, of course  I can tell if  it’s really him or not but I don’t want to be a spoiler.

I don’t know if Jobert Sucaldito, his publicist and manager at the same time  will take this as a opportunity to publicize his talent or will just admit to his reporter friends that the original copy of the video came from him.

Michael Pangilinan first got showbiz attention when he joined the reality show XFactor.  He is one of the 15 finalists in the 2014 Himig Handog with his song “Pare, Mahal Mo Raw Ako, written by Joven Tan.  This song became popular to the hokage or discreet  gays in the country. 

Michael also  became one of the celebrity contestants of the second season of the hit “Your Face Sounds Familiar,”  before  he became a part of ASAP new boy group “Harana.”


latest update as of 2/16/2016

Michael Pangilinan owns up to video scandal

Inamin ni Michael Pangilinan na siya ang lakaki sa panibagong video scandal na kumalat sa social media nitong Valentine’s Day, February 14. Makikita sa nasabing video si Michael habang may ginagawa sa maselang bahagi ng kanyang katawan, at tila may ka-chat sa harap ng computer. Ayon sa “Pare, Mahal Mo Raw Ako” singer, isang Fil-Am na babae ang ka-Skype niya noong sandaling iyon.





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